Raffaele Paganini and Annarosa Petri salute the Festival del Sole at the 2014 Notte Rosa

Raffaele Paganini and Annarosa Petri, with their Welldance and over 50 groups of gymnasts and dancers from 16 countries will open Riccione’s Notte Rosa (Pink Night) and salute the Festival del Sole on Friday, July 4.

“A Notte Rosa on tiptoe and with a heart for the city”: Barbara Bianchi, art director of the Festival del Sole, sums up the show, which at the same time closes the 12th international exhibition of gymnastics and starts the “New year eve of the Riviera” in Riccione, Piazzale Roma, Friday, July 4. A long parade which will be opened by Welldance dancers Raffaele Paganini and Annarosa Petri and will continue until late at night with over fifty groups of gymnasts and dancers who came from 16 countries. “All united for a single purpose—Says Barbara Bianchi—to excite.”

Stage and audience in Piazzale Roma, form 9PM, get a open-air gym, with world etoile Raffaele Paganini and international dancer Annarosa Petri, who will lead the audience in an open class of Welldance, the discipline they invented that combines well-being and fun with dance techniques, from classical to modern and hip hop, with the application of fitness’ most effective protocols. The general public has known it as an official test in Big Brother 2013, and on Friday thousands of people, of all ages, will have the chance to try it in the occasion od the Notte Rosa.

While Paganini & Petri lead the dances, more than 50 groups of gymnasts and dancers will warm up in the backstage, for a show that has had the 5 stages of the Festivaldel Sole as trainings. “For the occasion, the choreographers of dance schools and academies of San Marino and Riccione—says Barbara Bianchi—have prepared a dance tribute to the Passion, which will alternate with gymnasts from all over Europe”. From tribal dance with its sinuous movements to the 150 gymnasts of FITKID, new discipline presented by the Acrobatic Sports Federation, from the dancers of Artedanza San Marino (veterans from the successes of the Youth America Grand Prix in New York) to the spectacular acrobatic play of the Austrian group of the Freaks, with their breathtaking dizzying human launches. This is just a taste of what is in store fot the public of Riccione, who will also admire the winners of the Lithuanian’s Got Talent, Isado. Or get excited with the incredible and explosive force of Koreans Jackie Spinning Indoor Cycling Team, the acrobats of the spin bike ripping applause to the whole world. Or indulging in the emotions of the children of Riccione B-you Acrobatic Theatre, which on this occasion will do a tribute to Love. A fitting closure to an event that celebrates the passion for the sport from all over the world: 0 Judges, 0 points, so much love.

[From the official press release]

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