12th Festival del Sole officially presented at City Hall press conference

Thursday, June 26th at the City Hall of the Municipality of Riccione, Room of the Board, the 12th edition of the Festival del Sole - International Gym Festival, which will take place in Riccione from June 29 to July 4, 2014 in the streets of the city, was presented officially.

The speakers were: Mayor Renata Tosi; Sports Councillor Carlo Conti and Tourism Councillor Claudio Montanari; Lene Elniff, Festival del Sole Association President; Barbara Bianchi, artistic director of the festival; Anna Maria Pieraccini, President of the Rimini branch of UNICEF.

“This event now belongs to the tourism and sports heritage of the city—said Tourism Councillor Claudio Montanari—and summed up in full the idea that we have of our city, a tourist destination that can combine a holiday with well-being and active life. We rely on these young people to make that image of Riccione known in their countries and in the world.”

[From the press release of the Municipality of Riccione]

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