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This registration form is valid to enroll your team for the 14th edition of the Festival del Sole, taking place in Riccione, from 1 to 7 July, 2018.
Any group of gymnasts can take part, no matter what nationality or age or technical level, as long as it consists of at least 10 people.

Attention: We already reached our limit of 160 teams and so any new registration will be temporarily moved to the waiting list.
We will contact the teams on the waiting list soon as a place becomes available.

Team details

This is the email address we will use to confirm your registration and to send updates and further important information about your participation. Please be sure that it is spelled correctly and working properly.

Number of participants

The number of participant on your team (both athletes and accompanying persons) is necessary to determine the performance times and for accommodation matters.

If you don’t have final numbers yet for your team, you can enter approximate numbers: you will be able to change them up until the first payment deadline on November 30th, 2017. After that date some cancellation policies may apply.

Any person who wants to stay in the same hotel with the rest of the athletes on the team should be counted as accompanying person.


The performances of the participating teams will take place in the exhibition Arenas on the promenade of Riccione; each team will have the chance to perform twice in the evening.
Please point out the kind of performance you plan to present so that you will be assigned to most suitable Arena for your exhibitions:

In addition to the two evening performances and their rehearsals, you can request a third performance in the afternoon (please note that for this exhibition there won’t be any rehearsal and the use special equipments is not permitted).

Please only use this field for requests regarding technical equipments or special arrangements with other teams (for example teams sharing the same athletes or joined/subsequent performances with multiple teams). If you have any request regarding the accommodation you will be able to express them in the hotel reservation form.